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Welcome to Stephen Leacock Tennis Club affectionately referred to as SLTC by our members and the tennis community. We are a non-profit club situated at 2520 Birchmount Road in Stephen Leacock Park - Scarborough, Ontario, Canada. We have four beautifully resurfaced tennis courts, a sturdy and functional clubhouse and lots of on-site parking.  Our courts are well-lit for evening use, with first-class nets and fully fenced windbreaks (for the occasional blustery day).  Our members are our greatest strength: wonderful, co-operative, friendly people of all ages who really like to play tennis. Check out Stephen Leacock's website to learn more.

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2520 Birchmount Road 

Scarborough ON M1T 2M5

Scarborough Tennis Federation

The Scarborough Tennis Federation (STF) has provided affordable tennis to children and adults for over 30 years. Our community tennis clubs are open from April through October. Our indoor tennis facilities are open year-round.

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